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October 18, 2008

Our revised website reflects the recent evolution of the Project 1221 endeavour.

Firstly, Project 1221 remains committed to the market introduction of the first ever production GAS TURBINE-POWERED road car.

Moreover, Project 1221 could exceptionally concede, to discriminating collectors, the use of its TURBINE CAR(S) as a base for the creation of "one-off" and/or small-series turbine models according to the time-honoured "coach-built" or "bespoke" tradition.

Conversely, Project 1221 is focusing on BRAND ARCHITECTURE and is always interested to explore the possibility of collaboration with other Brands (either active or dormant), Design Houses, individual designers or entrepreneurs and business entities in general, in order to (jointly) create and produce suitably denominated specialist models powered by reciprocating and/or hybrid engines, possibly on the basis of our versatile vehicle "platform" that could effectively minimize time-to-market and cost-to-market.

Besides the Automotive Field, Project 1221 is concentrating on SUPERYACHT conversion and new-build projects with a particular interest to integrating, in collaboration with prominent shipyards, advanced aerodynamics (yes, aerodynamics!) and hybrid/electric multi-fuel turbine propulsion .

Indeed, Project 1221 is keen to expand, independently and/or in collaboration with industrial/financial partners, the exploitation of its avant garde PROPRIETARY TURBINE TECHNOLOGY, encompassing very small turbines for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), hybrid/electric multi-fuel turboshafts for land, marine and helicopter applications, general aviation turboprops and turbofans for civil and military applications.

Most remarkably, Project 1221 is aiming at the elite market of the new breed of SUPERSONIC BUSINESS JETS (SBJ) and SUPERSONIC TRANSPORT (SST), having developed a REVOLUTIONARY ENGINE DESIGN that effectively provides thrust sufficient to attain "supercruise" speeds in the order of Mach 2.2 with - among several other functional advantages - a reduction of engine weight and cost in the order of approximately 35%, compared to even the most advanced of all the currently available "conventional" gas turbine engines of equivalent performance.

Additionally, as a transitional alternative to outright engine replacement, Project 1221 is developing and will be selectively producing "UPGRADE KITS" for EXISTING TURBOFAN ENGINES that could thus benefit from SUBSTANCIALLY IMPROVED PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY with SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED OPERATION COSTS via the integration of our inventive variable-cycle turbine concept.

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