Project 1221

Blade of High-Pressure Turbine - Isolines of Mach numbers

Blade of Low-Pressure Turbine - Isolines of Mach numbers
Isolines of Mach Numbers - Blades of High- and Low-Pressure Turbines

Project 1221 is aiming at the elite market of the new breed of SUPERSONIC BUSINESS JETS (SBJ) and SUPERSONIC TRANSPORT (SST), having developed a REVOLUTIONARY ENGINE DESIGN that effectively provides thrust sufficient to attain "supercruise" speeds in the order of Mach 2.2 with - among several other advantages - a reduction of engine weight and cost in the order of approximately 35%, compared to even the most advanced of all the currently available "conventional" gas turbine engines of equivalent performance.

Depending on specific aircraft requirements, our radical engine configuration is applicable to an approximate thrust range of between 4 000 kg and 24 000 kg.          

The engine consists of an inlet device (possibly variable), a 3-stage fan, a 5-stage compressor, an annular combustion chamber, a 2-stage turbine and a variable jet nozzle (possibly Laval).

Thanks to its variable cycle, the operating engine (in flight and on the ground) presents the following features and capabilities, some of which are indeed unique:

[1] Significant variations of engine parameters depending on operative conditions;

[2] At the detection of an engine fault by the monitoring and diagnostics system, the control system can automatically and  independently reduce the gas temperature or the rotation speed without decrease of engine thrust;

[3] Large change (up to 20% absolute) and safeguarding of necessary reserves of compressor stability on all engine thrust settings;

[4] Preservation of engine thrust up to 50C of ambient temperature without increase of gas temperature;

[5] Decrease of gas temperature by 190K without decrease of engine thrust;

[6] Capability of short-term increase of engine thrust by 50% - 60%;

[7] Air-bleed of the compressor (up to 10%) and power take-off from the compressor turbine rotor (up to 20%), without decrease of engine thrust and without increase of gas temperature;

[8] Improvement of engine start-up and decrease of acceleration time;

[9] The protection of the fan turbine against run-up in case of destruction of the kinematic connection is provided by means of a system of limitation of the gas temperature;

[10] The usual materials and technologies are adopted.

Height m 0 0 11 000 16 154 18 000
Speed M 0 0.3 0.93 2 2.2
Thrust Kg 12 000 10 900 2 100 3 000 3.150
SFC Kg/h.Kg 0.840 0.870 0.890 1.190 1 290
Thrust/airflow Kg.sec/Kg 74 66 44 45 47
Temperature of gas K 1 820 1 820 1 250 1 650 1 750
Temperature of gas (conventional engine) K 1 820 1 820 1 250 1 840 1 920

Additionally, as a transitional alternative to outright engine replacement, Project 1221 is developing and will be selectively producing "UPGRADE KITS" for EXISTING TURBOFAN ENGINES that could thus benefit from SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY with SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED OPERATION COSTS via the integration of our inventive variable-cycle turbine concept.

Expressions of interest by qualified parties will be examined in utmost confidentiality by Project 1221 founder and chief executive, Andreas K. Andrianos, in person; Email Address: supersonic at Postal Address: P.O. Box 13767, ATH 52, 10310 Athens, Greece