Project 1221

Luxury Market

Project 1221 was born for the enthrallment of undertaking a definitive and defining challenge. It is a statement of vanguard engineering, timeless style and flawless execution, delivered with idiosyncratic business flair.

Indeed, Project 1221 is not a "prestige", niche-market offshoot of some industrial conglomerate, nor does it have any "obligation" to make shareholders or investors happy. On the other hand, it is not a gratuitous pet project either.

Success in the marketplace is the only prerequisite in order to make and keep making extraordinary, beautiful and usable machines of exceptional quality that will be giving incomparable pleasure and pride of possession to their discerning owners.

Inevitably, our existing and prospective international clientele belongs to the upper-high end of the luxury market. Furthermore, our "target group" is virtually one and the same for all our planned land, water and air machines.

Men and women of distinction would appreciate the Project 1221 machines as rare and beautiful objects of luxury; as time/space capsules uniquely capable to elevate travel and the sensations that go with it to a far superior level by essentially conveying a sensation of COOL RAGING BEAUTY.

Our prospective clients, in accordance with their personal philosophy of excellence and their overall lifestyle, would acquire the Project 1221 machines as an expression of fine taste, panache and opulence.

Potential clients may be royalty, powerful corporation CEO's, imaginative entrepreneurs, aggressive financiers, discerning collectors, extravagant socialites, flamboyant show-biz stars or dynamic sportsmen and sportswomen. They all form an exclusive, yet relatively large, niche.

In particular, in consideration of the obvious gas turbine connection, Project 1221 presents itself as just the right complement and the answer to the sophisticated "needs" of individuals usually accustomed, among other things, to flying all over the world with their private jets and helicopters.

Besides this actual "jet set", similar indications would doubtlessly emerge if purchasers of prime real estate, superyachts, art, jewels or thoroughbred racehorses were taken under consideration.

Of course, it is not necessarily so that the owner of a private jet, of a castle, of a 150-feet sailing yacht, of a Van Gogh painting, of a 50-carat diamond or of a stable of thoroughbreds etc., would also be interested in becoming the owner of a Project 1221 machine.

On the other hand, it is not necessary either to be a bona-fide tycoon in order to desire and to be able to afford, for examlle, a Project 1221 TURBINE CAR.