Project 1221 has been operating sub rosa since the spring of 2001 and is dedicated to creating and marketing exceptional vehicles, craft and aircraft under a single banner.

In the summer of 2005, on occasion of the Bourget Air Show in Paris, Project 1221 announced the intention to develop and introduce to the market the first ever production gas turbine-powered road car.

Overall, during approximately the past six years, a great amount of independently financed work has been carried out, concerning the development of several design and engineering concepts, for the introduction in due time of a complete range of gas turbine-powered, hybrid, electric zero-emission road and off-road vehicles, craft and aircraft.

Significantly, all the design and engineering concepts that have been developed are owned outright by Project 1221. Nevertheless, Project 1221 may also outsource relevant design and engineering services and acquire technological know-how or form alliances, as this will be deemed appropriate in order to achieve the set industrial and commercial objectives.

Furthermore, all projects/products are considered as separate and independent ventures that have to be viable on their own and incidentally, may be implemented in different locations.