Project 1221
Exceptional Vehicles


[1] ADVANCED DESIGN and ENGINE-ERING constitute the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE of Project 1221. Manufacturing and certification are mainly commissioned to a network of highly qualified external partners and suppliers; nevertheless Project 1221 maintains full command during all stages, ranging from initial development and testing to fine tuning and cosmetic finishing.

[2] This deliberate choice enables Project 1221 to optimize quality control, to adapt easily to variable market conditions, to respond swiftly to demand fluctuations and to minimize overhead as well as financial exposure. Thus, both initial investment and operational costs are kept to a strict minimum.

[3] Significantly, all the design and engineering concepts that have been developed so far are owned outright by Project 1221. Nevertheless, Project 1221 may as well outsource relevant design and engineering services and acquire technological know-how or form alliances, as this will be deemed opportune in order to achieve the set industrial and commercial objectives.

[4] Incidentally, all projects/products are considered as separate and independent ventures that should be viable on their own and may be implemented in different locations.