Project 1221

Our innovative breed of GAS TURBINE-POWERED vehicles is intended to redefine the luxury class while taking by storm the so-called supercar class.

Notwithstanding a low-volume manufacture by artisans, these grand motor-cars are engineered to surpass the strictest safety standards and to be commercialized worldwide in both left and right-hand drive. Furthermore, they are purposely designed to integrate, if desired, up to the highest level of armoured protection.

Project 1221 has developed an exceptionally light, stiff and versatile chassis concept, which integrates composite, aluminium and stainless steel elements with non-structural body panels. Although this "platform" was originally conceived for "supercars" capable of speeds in excess of 400 km/h, it is eminently suitable for other types of vehicles as well. It constitutes the natural evolution of the MF1 project, for which research originated approximately 7 years ago.

The MF1 was intended to enter production in late 2008. Remarkably, immediately after its sensational announcement in 2005, over 30 "sight unseen" pre-orders were registered on the basis of its ground-breaking specification (most notably a record 1:1 power/weight ratio, besides the novelty of the gas turbine engine).

In any case, a subsequent change in the choice of type of gas turbine engine and the eventual decision to integrate environmentally-friendly hybrid technology, somehow delayed our progress yet contributed to effectively create an altogether different, superior and more mature vehicle concept than the original MF1.

Therefore, Project 1221 remains committed with regard to the market introduction of the first ever production GAS TURBINE-POWERED road car.

In due time, Project 1221 could also concede exceptionally, to discriminating collectors, the use of its TURBINE CAR(S) as a base for the creation of "one-off" and/or small-series turbine models according to the time-honoured "coach-built" or "bespoke" tradition.

Conversely, Project 1221 is focusing on BRAND ARCHITECTURE and is always interested to explore the possibility of collaboration with other Brands (either active or dormant), Design Houses, individual designers or entrepreneurs and business entities in general, in order to (jointly) create and produce suitably denominated specialist models powered by reciprocating and/or hybrid engines, possibly on the basis of our versatile vehicle "platform" that could effectively minimize time-to-market and cost-to-market.

Expressions of interest by qualified parties will be examined in utmost confidentiality by Project 1221 founder and chief executive, Andreas K. Andrianos, in person; Email Address: supersonic at Postal Address: P.O. Box 13767, ATH 52, 10310 Athens, Greece