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Domain 1221 has been founded and is led by entrepreneur, automotive engineer and "free spirit" Andreas K. Andrianos, who also happens to be the CEO of Project 1221.

Andreas was born in Parma, Italy to a Greek family of landowners, traders and financiers, notably involved in horse breeding and racing, among other things.

After the death of Andreas' grandfather and by the time he grew up, his family abandoned all horse-related activities (although his veterinarian father maintained a tie) and Andreas developed instead a passion for classic cars and motor racing, going on to study automotive engineering in Modena and eventually to found Project 1221 thus preserving, in a way, the bond with "horsepower".

Conversely, the emergence and consolidation of Project 1221 over the last six years, has led to the reconsideration of the land-related family activities of old, to their redevelopment and to their integration in the wider, long-term strategy of Andreas K. Andrianos for Project 1221, centred around his own personal idea of "excellence" and "living in luxury"; essentially a contemporary expression of the values of the classic Hellenic World.

Therefore, the market introduction of a selection of top-quality natural products is to be expected in the very near future, as a first indication of what is to follow.