Project 1221

Aellopous evo clay model
Aellopous evolutionary clay-model

[1] The Aellopous is a 2-seat berlinetta of rare beauty, distinguished by fierce and effortless performance singularly delivered in outstanding comfort and safety.

[3] The objective has been to create a thoroughly accomplished machine that, in addition to being an obviously prodigious dispenser of instant exhilaration, can be used nonchalantly as a reliable and soothing daily means of urban transportation or as an unfazed long-range travel-capsule with the atypical attributes of ample luggage capacity and optional full armoured protection.

[2] Indeed, unrivalled handling, agility, acceleration and speed have explicitly been requisite elements of the original cahier des charges. Yet, this was not all.

[4] Of course, a fascinating and original - even surprising- powerplant is specified, complementing a no less groundbreaking chassis. Full details will be revealed in due time.